Who we are?
Our vision is to develop persistently autonomous and robust, heterogeneous vehicle systems that are capable of successfully collaborating in achieving a set mission, while demonstrating resilience to unforeseen circumstances. We thrive to carry out applied robotics research to help us advance towards achieving our goal.
What we do?
We conduct internationally recognised research into the design and analysis of robotic systems, combining core knowledge from control engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.
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GPGPU Cost Function Generation on a Non-Empty 3D Occupancy Volume
  • 2013

A simulation of a GPU based cost-to-go function generator for 3D occupancy volumes. The volume is mapped to a 2D occupancy grid in a raster layout. (Please note this is only a simulation. The GPU based implementation of this algorithm completes evaluation in sub 20ms times).

UNSW Autonomous Seeder for Broad Acre Crops
  • 2013

This video shows the operation of a prototype of a fully Autonomous Seeder for broad acre crops developed at the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering of the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. The system was developed by a team lead by A/Prof. Jay Katupitiya.

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