Control Systems for the Precision Guidance of Large Scale Off Road Robotic Vehicles

Project Details

A sequence of studies are carried out to develop control systems that can ensure high quality path tracking for outdoor vehicles when they operate in completely autonomous fashion. In the first instance, kinematics models are used to develop control systems that will ensure sub inch lateral tracking precision for agricultural tractors. In line with on field reality, lateral slip velocities are taken into account in modelling the vehicle motion and as such non-holonomic models are not used.

The control methodologies are then extended to incorporate trailed implements which has propulsion and steering built-in. In the first instance these vehicles are controlled using kinematic models.

Further studies will endeavour to combine kinematic models for the tractor and dynamic models for the implement so that the tractor can be speed controlled to achieve its propulsion and the implement can be force controlled to achieve its propulsion.

Participating Partners (1)
Grains Research and Development Corporation

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