Australian Grape and Wine Authority

Dept. of Primary Industries, NSW

University of New South Wales, Australia

Project Team and Collaborators

Project Supervisor
A/Prof. Gregory Dunn (Dept. of Primary Industries NSW)

Chief Investigator
Dr Mark Whitty (University of New South Wales)

Other Personnel
Mr Justin Jarrett (NSW Wine Industry Association)
Dr Paul Petrie (AWRI, SARDI)
Mr Angus Davidson (Treasury Wine Estates)
Ms Catherine Wotton (Treasury Wine Estates)
Assoc. Professor Samsung Lim (University of New South Wales)
Dr Stephen Cossell (University of New South Wales)
Ms Scarlett Liu (University of New South Wales)

Reference Group

Keith Hayes (AGWA)
Alistair Dinnison (Barossa Valley Estate)
Mark Krstic (AWRI)
Brett McLen (Brown Brothers)
Geoff McCorkelle (McWilliams)
Ashley Ratcliff (Yalumba)
Shelley Ray Brennan (Kingston Estate)
Andrew Weeks (CCW)
Hans Loder